My name is VEL LY. I'm a Russian artist and illustrator based in Moscow. I have a degree in environment design,
I also graduated art school and studied at architecture school. The passion to be an artist has always been my main motivation.
I started my journey in the art industry in 2011, when I was working as a private art teacher, helping younger teenagers prepare for art school exams. Since 2013 I started accepting commissions, I was drawing portrait and fashion illustrations. I received my first big offer in 2016 when I was reached out to work as an artist on Dior event in Moscow. Since then I worked as an event illustrator with Bulgari, Givenchy, Jo Malone London, Cartier and many others.
Besides event illustration I've worked on other projects, collaborated with brands, hosted workshops and lectures.
Now I'm focusing more on my own projects, developing my creativity as an NFT artist, actively supporting and participating in the community and being a member of NFT Design Awards jury. I love experimenting with vibrant colours, different textures and mediums. I combine traditional and digital art. First, I draw with coloured pencils an watercolour on paper, then I scan an art piece and finish it in digital programs. This technique allows me to take the best from the both "art worlds". In the end, I have two or three different versions of one art piece. In my art I love to explore human faces and bodies and to show their beauty and uniqueness.
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